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Team Liquid CSGO !
  nolan, Apr 01 2016

Team Liquid's CSGO team is in the semi-final of the MLG Columbus Major tomorrow. One of the biggest tournaments of the year, biggest prize pool in history of CSGO (1 mill for winner).

They already upset the clear #1 team in the world in group stages. Pretty solid underdog story going on so far.

Broadcast for semi's tomorrow starts around 10, but Liquid's match shouldn't be until 3:00 EST. Dunno how many people here follow GO but probably worth checking out if you ever played CS. (can watch it on MLG's twitch channel or MLG's official page)

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  nolan, Dec 12 2015

Anyone following it? Got into it a bit lately. Team Liquid so close to being a top tier team...


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  nolan, Jun 23 2014

Sup dudes,

Anyone ever mess about with Geoguessr?.

I figure since probably a decent part of the userbase here has traveled or gone on some neat road trips people here would do pretty well at it. I find it funny how addicting this pretty simple game is.

If you don't know, basically it puts you at a random location of google street view and your goal is to try and guess as close as possible on a map where you are. Some people put their own little rules into play about how far you can move around on street view (if at all) and if you're allowed to google any roadsigns or other things you can see from where you are.

I believe this is a current depiction of their street view coverage to give you an idea of where it could put you. I'd note that the Maldives is also covered but hard to see on that map.

Once in awhile you get dropped in some pretty ridiculous spots, including occasionally inside buildings.

Anyways, been grinding a mega geoguessr session and figured I'd share in case it would interest anyone.

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